Climbing is inherently dangerous and climbers should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement. Although the climbing center is an artificial environment and the climbing wall is the property of arl.rock, the risks involved are no less serious than when climbing outside on a crag or mountain. Please note that the climbing center is no open terrain. Climb at your own risk! Parents/guardians/chaperones are responsible for the behavior of their children or youth they are supervising. arl.rock will not be held responsible for any accidents/injuries.
  • All visitors MUST check in at the front desk to buy a ticket and sign up to participate in any climbing activities; otherwise, they are not permitted to enter the climbing area. Minors 14 years and older must have their registration form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Parent or guardian supervision is required for children under 14 years of age.
  • arl.rock does not allow any instruction in the climbing center other than that offered by our instructors and staff or previously registered and allowed. 
  • Climbers should be aware that climbing wall holds may become loose or fracture, which can result in falls. Please be aware of and accept this risk. Report any problems with the walls to a member of staff immediately. arl.rock will not be held responsible for loose holds. 
  • Climbers are required to check all climbing equipment and gear rented from arl.rock prior to use. arl.rock will not be held responsible for any accidents/injuries.
  • Anyone entering the arl.rock climbing facility must read and obey the posted climbing safety rules and regulations of the Austrian Alpinist Association (ÖAV).
  • arl.rock operates a no smoking policy throughout the complex.
  • All climbers must wear proper climbing shoes while climbing. The use of walking shoes and barefoot climbing is not permitted.
  • Climbing without ropes is allowed on designated bouldering walls only.
  • Lead climbers MUST clip at every bolt.
  • While top-rope climbing you must be connected by dual attachment of a carabiner.
  • Belayers must remain attentive to lead climbers at all times. Belayers must belay from their harness; no sitting or lying down while belaying. The use of mobile phones is not permitted while belaying.
  • Never stand too far back from the climbing walls while belaying (approx. one to three meters).
  • Never pass two ropes through one carabiner.
  • Belayers must lower climbers at a slow rate.
  • Do not climb above or below other climbers.
  • The lead climbing rope must be at least 50 meters long. You MUST clip both anchors at the top of each climb (opposite and opposed).
  • Please pick up after yourself. Help to keep the facility clean for yourself and others.
  • All belaying must be done using belay devices like Tubas (ATC), HMS, Smart or Click Up.
  • We ask that all participants refrain from yelling/screaming. Walking only please.
  • arl.rock recommends that all climbers wear a helmet.
  • No swinging or bouncing on the ropes.
  • Keep your eyes open! We encourage experienced climbers to help novice climbers.
  • Please Note: On specially constructed fake rock walls there is an additional risk that bolt-on holds can spin or break. 

We ask you to follow all climbing facility rules and regulations. Thank You.

Failure to comply with arl.rock rules may result in management asking you to leave the premises.
Please do follow instructions of staff at all times.
We want to provide a safe and fun environment for all participants and spectators. Climb safely and have fun!

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