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Climbing in St. Anton am Arlberg

” Use every muscle in your body and test your strength. Define your goals, accomplish more. Live the moment. “

 ~ arl.rock Words of Wisdom

Our amazing indoor and outdoor climbing walls will get your heart pumping and challenge you to use every muscle in your body.

With 65 inspired indoor and 30 challenging outdoor routes, we want to take you to new heights, literally.

The Challenges…

Find your own challenges, then conquer them – from easy kid-friendly routes to crack climbing, steep overhangs or tricky bouldering problems. is is the place to learn and get stronger for the outdoors. With over 850 square meters of climbable surface, arl.rock offers 100+ roped routes indoors and outdoors plus a 125-square-meter bouldering-specific area.

Our campus board is ready to rock!

If you have built a solid foundation of strength, hitting the campus board is your obvious next step to crank up your power.